Youtuber Shoots and Kills Hotel Security Guard While Live Streaming

WYOMING, Mich. (AP) — A rowdy visitor at a Grand Rapids-area hotel set up a phone to try to record the fatal shooting of a security guard who was sent to remove him, police said.

The 21-year-old gunman then went to his mother’s house nearby and killed himself, police said.

The incident occurred Tuesday at the Grand Rapids Inn in Wyoming. The security guard was identified as John Cain Jr.

Cain, 38, was “just trying to protect their property, do what they wanted done for removing people that they didn’t want at the hotel,” Lt. Brian Look said, referring to management.

The 21-year-old gunman was identified as Jacob Grygorzyk. His video was posted on social media but subsequently removed.

It “didn’t actually show the shooting,” Look said. “You could hear that in the background.”

John Cain Sr. said the gunman “took the easy way out.”


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