Woman Arrested After Posing as CPS Worker and Attempting to Kidnap a 4-Year-Old

A disturbing video has surfaced, capturing the moment when an Ohio woman, allegedly impersonating a Child Protective Services agent, made an apparent abduction attempt on her 4-year-old neighbor as he played in his front yard on Saturday.

Norwood Police Department has announced that Lisa Nacrelli, 44, is facing charges of criminal child enticement, burglary, and impersonating an officer in connection with this disturbing incident.

The home surveillance footage reveals the young boy, sitting on an orange bicycle just a few feet away from his front door in a Cincinnati suburb, as the stranger approaches and places her hand on his back.

According to the boy’s father’s affidavit, the woman identified by authorities as Nacrelli glanced towards the house, then leaned over the boy, engaging him in conversation while rubbing him. The footage shows the woman repeatedly running her hands through the child’s hair and on his back, while the boy avoids making eye contact.

The parents assert that Nacrelli asked their son to accompany her home on at least three occasions, and she mentioned having a beautifully designed car seat for him inside her vehicle.

The boy asked her, “Who are you?” Unfortunately, the woman’s response remains unclear.


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