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When Motorcycle Thieves Try To Rob The Wrong woman

Motorcycle Thieves Try To Rob The Wrong woman

A military police officer, stationed in the state of Maranhão, reacted to an attempted robbery this Thursday morning (9) after being approached by two criminals on a motorcycle at the door of her home in Parque Piauí, in the South Zone of Teresina . One of the suspects was arrested. Security cameras recorded all the action.

There were two men on a motorcycle. When they stopped in front of the PM’s car, she shot at them, they immediately took off on foot and abandoned the motorcycle they were on. The police identified that the vehicle was the result of robbery”, explained the lieutenant V. Batista, from the 6th Battalion of the Military Police of Piauí.

In the video, you can see the woman getting out of the car, when a motorcycle behind her approaches. The criminals quickly stopped in front of the car and the policewoman, realizing that it was a robbery, distanced herself and started shooting.

Another camera shows that one of the criminals even got off the motorcycle and his accomplice tried to restart the vehicle to escape, but they got in the way and gave up taking the motorcycle. The PM reported that the criminals even announced the robbery and asked for your cell phone.

Minutes later, a team from the 6th Battalion, commanded by Major Marcos Lima, was making rounds in the neighborhood, when several people pointed out the escape on foot of two individuals. One of the criminals was arrested and the second managed to escape.

The motorcycle abandoned by the criminals was sent to the Piauí Interstate Police Station (Polinter).


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