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Clown World: TikTok Creator Wyezy aka Wyatt Buhl


What’s up, the clown in the cross hairs today is TikTok creator “Wyezy,” the guy that absolutely no one wants more of, well, no one except his more than 100k TikTok followers and of course Wyezy himself.

So, who is this partial word speaking, kindergarten looking tattooed, weird ass walking trainwreck of a human being? Well it turns out his name is Wyatt Buhl and from what I can gather, he has no obvious reason to act so cluelessly obnoxious.

Wyatt’s father, Herold Buhl, raised him alone from the age of two years old and from the outside, it seems Wyatt was grew up in a loving middle class home. Listen to his father speaking about his love for his son in the news broadcast below.

According to the above video and this article , Wyezy’s life started going off track back in 2015, when he found himself on the wrong side of the law, facing charges for failure to comply, possession of marijuana, OVI (operating a vehicle under the influence), and even resisting arrest.

Can you imagine the disappointment etched on Herold’s face as he witnesses his son’s antics today? I couldn’t blame him for getting emotional each time he lays eyes on his…..son.

Unfortunately, Wyezy has said in his videos that his father, is fighting a courageous battle against cancer. Despite this, Wyatt still resides under the same roof as his ailing father and is fully supported by him. Talk about a loving father!

So, the big question is, why has Wyatt Buhl transformed into Wyezy? Listen to this…

Wyezy seems to believe he’s a rapper of some sort. I guess you’d call the style of rap he’s attempting mumble rap but let’s be honest, the man is just straight up mumble stuttering partial words.

If you feel like torturing yourself and you decide to watch a few of Wyezy’s TikTok videos, you’ll notice his accent can sometimes change 3 to 4 times in one video. Because of this, I’m guessing this is some sort of character he’s created and is doing a piss poor job at becoming. However, if it is a character, why in the hell choose to be such an unlikable one?

Wyezy and his followers, who only seem to be following him for a laugh, compare him to the Island Boys a good bit. Which if you think about it, says a lot. Imagine your life is in such a state of disrepair that you make up your mind that you’re going to ride that Island Boy wave to stardom.

TikTok Creator Wyezy aka Wyatt Buhl even started out with Island Boy hair.
TikTok Creator Wyezy aka Wyatt Buhl even started out with Island Boy hair.

Honestly, I can’t help but feel sorry for the guy. One day he’ll wake up with a clear mind and realize what he’s done to his face. When that shit happens, I just hope all of the guns have been pawned or are locked away!

So, as the saga of TikTok clown, Island Boys wannabe, Wyatt Buhl, the notorious “Wyezy,” continues to unfold, brace yourself because it’s going to be one dumbass ride!

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