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VIDEO: Young Man Plunges to His Death from Citybus Structure in Oaxaca’s Central de Abasto

OAXACA, June 23, 2023 – In a devastating turn of events, a young man identified as Ricardo Francisco BT tragically ended his life by throwing himself from the roof of the city bus stop adjacent to the yellow bridge in Central de Abasto, Oaxaca. The incident unfolded just a few minutes ago, leaving bystanders shocked and authorities scrambling to respond.

Eyewitnesses reported the heart-wrenching scene as the young man, believed to be a resident of the Heladio Ramírez López neighborhood, climbed to the top of the citybus structure. Moments later, he leaped into the void, plummeting to his death. The reasons behind this distressing act remain unclear, leaving the community in a state of disbelief.

Local authorities swiftly arrived at the scene, cordoning off the area and initiating an investigation into the tragic incident. Preliminary reports suggest that Ricardo Francisco BT had no known history of mental health issues or previous suicidal tendencies. However, investigators are meticulously examining all possible factors that could have contributed to this devastating outcome.

The Central de Abasto area was bustling with activity when the incident occurred, with pedestrians and commuters going about their daily routines. The shocking sight of a young life extinguished so abruptly sent ripples of sorrow and disbelief through the community. Some witnesses expressed their shock and grief, unable to comprehend the tragic event that had unfolded before their eyes.

Authorities have assured the public that a thorough investigation will be conducted to shed light on the circumstances surrounding this distressing incident. Crisis response teams have been dispatched to provide support and counseling to those affected by this tragedy, as the community grapples with the shock and sorrow brought on by the loss of a young life.

The Oaxaca police have urged anyone with information related to the incident or individuals who may have witnessed the events leading up to the young man’s fateful decision to come forward and assist in the investigation. The hope is that a better understanding of the situation will emerge, helping prevent similar incidents in the future.

As news of this heartbreaking incident spreads throughout Oaxaca, the community mourns the loss of Ricardo Francisco BT, emphasizing the need for greater awareness and support for mental health issues.


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