Video: Uber Eats Driver Thrown Off A Bridge During An Apparent Road Rage Incident In Mexico

An Uber Eats driver is lucky to be alive after being thrown off a bridge during an apparent road rage incident in Mexico. Witnesses reported that the altercation appeared to stem from a road rage incident, though it’s not clear what exactly set off the situation.

The video starts with the Uber Eats driver, identified as 26-year-old Guillermo, and the couple already exchanging words outside of a red car. The woman appears to push Guillermo, who is still wearing his helmet, and the argument continues to escalate.

At one point, it appears like Guillermo is going to walk away, but he turns around and takes a swing at the man. The two men then fight back and forth until Guillermo is thrown from the side of the road over a metal barrier and off the bridge. Guillermo survived the fall but was hospitalized with a broken left leg.</p>


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