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VIDEO: NYPD Seeks Brooklyn Gunman Who Wounded Two In Brazen Bay Ridge Shooting

In a disturbing incident, an occurrence unfolded outside PluggedIn Sneaker Boutique at 9413 5th Avenue in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, where a man and a woman were shot. Police reports indicate that the shooting took place around 4:10 p.m. on Friday, leaving the victims wounded on the sidewalk.

According to authorities, an unidentified man discharged a firearm outside the sneaker shop, firing an unspecified number of rounds. The 21-year-old woman was hit in the leg, while the 24-year-old man sustained a gunshot wound to his upper arm.

Both individuals were swiftly transported to Lutheran Medical Center for immediate medical attention. Fortunately, it is believed that their injuries are not life-threatening, and they are expected to recover.

Police are currently investigating whether the victims were the intended targets of the assailant.

A video capturing the aftermath of the shooting depicts the woman lying on the ground, bleeding heavily, as two men rush to her aid. In the meantime, a female police officer can be seen attending to the injured man’s arm.

The footage also portrays the tense moments as bystanders urgently call for an ambulance. This distressing video underscores the chaotic scene and the pressing nature of the situation.


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