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VIDEO: Mexican Bakery Explodes Injuring at least 5 People

At least five people were injured in the explosion at a business in Toluca Mexico state (Edomex) left a balance of at least five people injured, including a minor.

This May 25th there was an explosion in a bakery located on the corner of Felipe Villanueva and Constituyentes in the Morelos delegation. At least five people who were injured were taken to a hospital; Until now, his state of health is unknown.

The Toluca City Council explained that one of the injured is a minor, so the DIF will follow up on his case to ensure that both he and his family receive the appropriate care.

It was around 12:00 p.m. this Thursday that personnel from the Municipal Police, the Secretary of Security of the State of Mexico, Civil Protection and the Toluca Fire Department mobilized due to the report of an explosion in a business. Elements of the National Guard also attended.

Dozens of people gathered behind the cordoned off area while emergency forces carried out the corresponding work.

A video surveillance camera captured the exact moment of the explosion of the commercial premises. In the recording, you can see a passerby walking on the sidewalk, who was surprised by a flash from a property.

The explosion raised a huge column of dust and catapulted dozens of concrete fragments. Meanwhile, the passerby was thrown off the sidewalk and was helped by people who rushed out of the place where the explosion came from.

In images shared by the Toluca government, it can be seen that part of the construction was destroyed and that a car that was parked nearby was left with its hood destroyed.

Until 2:00 p.m. in the area of the accident, emergency bodies in charge of removing debris continued to work.

Preliminary reports suggested that the cause of the explosion in the bakery was gas accumulation.

The day before, a fuel pipeline exploded in the community of El Tesoro in Polotitlán, State of Mexico. It was the LPG 14 multipurpose pipeline in Santa Ana Nuevo-Palmillas, which after exploding triggered a fire with flames approximately 8 meters high.

Seven people were injured in the explosion (elements of Civil Protection, Municipal Police and a Pemex worker). Two were transferred to the General Hospital of Pétroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) in Tula, Hidalgo to receive specialized medical attention.

Residents of El Tesoro and Celayita were evacuated from their homes after the explosion. They were received in temporary shelters in the DIF halls and in the Herminio Sánchez hall.

Around 12:30 p.m. on May 25, Teresa Sánchez Bárcena, municipal president of Polotitlán, reported that the evacuated population could return to their homes after Civil Protection and Pemex elements finished the cleanup and protection work. Likewise, she indicated that shortly the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) would restore electrical service in the area.

So far, the municipal government has not reported on the material damage caused by the explosion in the properties surrounding the land where the fire started. In a last report, he limited himself to pointing out that “they are being attended to and quantified.”

Meanwhile, Pemex reported that the explosion was caused by a clandestine takeover. Through a statement they expressed that: “The risk is already controlled and an investigation folder has already been initiated. It also reiterates its commitment to the safety of its personnel, as well as to the communities where it operates, to act in a timely manner in the care of this type of event.”


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