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VIDEO: Husband Catches His Wife Riding with Her Boyfriend and Shoots Her in the Face!

Porto de Moz, Pará – In a shocking incident on Sunday night, a woman became the target of a violent assassination attempt in the Seringal platter area. The incident, captured by a security circuit camera at 8:42 pm, has sent shockwaves through the community.

The footage reveals a distressing sequence of events. Initially, two women and a child can be seen on the street, going about their business. Suddenly, a motorcycle carrying two individuals arrives on the scene, attracting attention. However, the situation takes a grave turn when two additional suspects on another motorcycle swiftly approach the area. Without warning, they unleash a barrage of gunshots targeting the woman who had recently arrived at the scene. Preliminary reports indicate that the victim endured approximately three gunshot wounds.

In a desperate bid to evade the gunfire, the two women and the child sought refuge in a nearby house. The security camera footage provides a glimpse of one of the assailants, who was attired in a cap, shorts, and a dark shirt. After perpetrating the crime, the two criminals fled the scene.

To protect the privacy and safety of the victim, her identity has not been disclosed. Authorities have confirmed, however, that she was promptly rescued and swiftly transported to the city hospital. The current state of her health remains undisclosed, but it has been affirmed that her life is not in immediate danger.

In response to the incident, the Military Police have initiated extensive patrols throughout the area, intensifying efforts to apprehend the suspects responsible for this brazen attack. As of now, no arrests have been made, leaving the community on edge and seeking justice.

The investigation into this shocking crime is ongoing as law enforcement agencies work diligently to unravel the motive behind the attack and identify the individuals involved. Residents and authorities alike hope for swift progress in bringing the perpetrators to justice and restoring a sense of security in the area.


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