Video: Huge Ship Slams Into The Buda Bridge Causing Significant Damage In Brussels!

An inland vessel has rammed the Buda Bridge in Brussels. The lift bridge has been dislocated and traffic has been blocked on the spot.

A few days earlier, a ship had also sailed against the Europabrug in Willebroek , a little further north on the same canal. However, the consequences of the second collision are more far-reaching. The lift bridge remains closed to shipping because it proved impossible to place it in a higher position. The damage to the bridge is ‘significant’, confirms the port of Brussels. The lifting part has shifted almost 20 centimeters. The damage to the ship was minor. There were no injuries.

The Buda Bridge is owned by the Port of Brussels and is located at the northern entrance to the port. It is a lifting bridge that is normally operated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The bridge will be inspected by a specialized company on Monday 2 January. If again it is not possible to get the bridge in a higher position, it may be partly demolished, so that shipping is possible again. If the Buda bridge does not reopen soon, the Brussels supply of petrol, diesel and domestic heating oil may be jeopardized. As of today there is a three day supply remaining.

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