Video Goes Viral After Speeding Car Hits Two Youths Making a TikTok Video on Expressway

Date: July 4, 2023

Karachi, Pakistan – A video that has gone viral on social media depicts a horrifying incident in which a speeding car collided with two young boys on Karachi’s Lyari Expressway. The incident, which occurred on Friday, left both boys injured and has sparked widespread concern.

The viral video captured the moment when a speeding car lost control and struck the two youths who were standing on the road. The boys appeared to be filming a video on the Lyari Expressway when the accident took place.

The Motorway Police received a report about the accident on the Garden-Mauripur Lyari Expressway and promptly initiated an investigation. They are currently coordinating with local authorities, hospitals, and other sources to gather comprehensive details about the injured youths.

Following the collision, the wounded boys were immediately transported to the Civil Hospital for medical treatment. According to a doctor who provided assistance to one of the injured youths, a driver named Sajjad took him to the hospital. The doctor reassured that the young boy’s life is no longer in danger, although he sustained fractures in his arms and legs.

The doctor also stated that the accident was attributed to a tire burst. The precise circumstances leading up to the collision are still under investigation by the authorities.

The alarming video has garnered significant attention on social media, prompting discussions about road safety and the need for vigilant driving practices. As the injured boys receive medical care and the investigation progresses, public awareness regarding responsible driving is being emphasized to prevent such tragic incidents in the future.


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