VIDEO: Girl Busted Stealing Corvette With $60k in Cash While the Owner was In Restaurant

A C7 Corvette was stolen from a restaurant parking lot while its owner was inside enjoying dinner. Adding to the unusual circumstances, the vehicle contained a significant sum of $60,000 in cash, proceeds from a construction-business sale. However, thanks to the swift action of the police utilizing OnStar technology, the stolen car was successfully located.

According to reports, the owner’s wife had left the substantial amount of cash inside the vehicle, unaware that it would soon be stolen. As soon as the theft was reported, law enforcement authorities were able to track the vehicle’s location using the OnStar system.

The situation escalated when the driver of the stolen Corvette attempted to flee from the pursuing police officers. Despite the attempt to evade capture, the police eventually managed to bring the vehicle to a stop. They instructed the driver to open the car door and exit the vehicle, but she failed to comply.

Officers were left with no choice but to remove the driver through the vehicle’s window. During the encounter, it became evident that the driver was in a state of confusion, expressing disbelief that the victim would press charges against her.

This puzzling incident has garnered attention for its peculiar circumstances. Readers are encouraged to share their thoughts and opinions about this unusual case in the comment section below.

As the investigation into the stolen C7 Corvette progresses, authorities will work to ensure that justice is served. The recovery of the vehicle and the apprehension of the driver are seen as positive steps toward resolving this strange incident.


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