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VIDEO: Girls Beat Uber Driver Despite Her Driving Them Even Though Their Were Too Many To Fit

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (KABC) — An Uber driver in Las Vegas is recovering from her injuries following a shocking attack that was captured on video by a dashboard camera. The routine Uber drop-off turned into a brutal assault early Sunday morning when several of the passengers began punching Victoria Partridge.

The attack lasted about 30 seconds, but for Partridge it felt like an hour. Partridge has been a driver for over a year, with over 4,000 rides. This one started out as a pickup on Las Vegas’ famed Fremont Street. When she saw there were seven people, she told them she couldn’t take them since she only has six seatbelts.

“They’re like, ‘We’re not leaving. We need we need to get to our destination point. You’re our last chance. Please, please, please,'” Partridge recalled. After several minutes of arguing and opening and closing the doors, Partridge said, she gave up and took the seven women.

She’s thankful her camera recorded what happened next on video.

“She started beating me up from the side. Another girl went out, opened my driver door and she’s started beating me up from that side.”

Victoria Partridge

She said the attackers also threw her phone, stole money out of her tip jar and dented the side of her car.

Partridge filed a police report and contacted Uber as soon as she got home.


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