Tourist, 33, Plunges 4,000 Feet To His Death At Grand Canyon Skywalk

Another person fell to their death in the most treacherous National Park in America last week.An unidentified 33-year-old man went over the edge at the Grand Canyon Skywalk attraction on June 5, plunging over 4,000 feet toward the Colorado River below, public radio station KNAU reported.

Rescue teams including rope specialists and helicopters responded at about 9 a.m., but the man was found dead below, according to the Mojave County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue.His body was brought to the Hualapai Nation, which operates the overlook, a 10-foot wide, horseshoe-shaped glass bridge that extends 70 feet out over the rim of the canyon.

It was unclear if the man fell from the Skywalk bridge itself or the edge of the attraction.The sheriff’s office shared a phone number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline in a Facebook post, that said an investigation is ongoing.

It’s unclear if the man fell or leaped from outside the barrier.

To enter the Skywalk, visitors must store personal belongings like cell phones and backpacks, which may explain why the man was not immediately identified.The Grand Canyon is the deadliest national park in America, The Post reported last week, topping the charts with missing persons, deaths and suicides

At least 56 people have been reported missing from the Arizona park from 2018 through Feburary, and at least six people were found dead, according to records obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request.

Experts say the death toll at the vast park is likely higher than records reflect.

Records show that roughly 1,100 people went missing in the nation’s national parks in the past five years.


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