Suicide Jumper Jumps From Overpass and Is Immediately Struck By Truck!

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Bangkok, June 6, 2023 – In a shocking incident that unfolded on Srinakarin Road in the Nong Bon Subdistrict of Bangkok’s Prawet District, a young man jumped off an overpass, only to be struck by a passing pickup truck. The entire harrowing episode was captured by a front-facing camera, revealing the intense moments leading up to the tragic collision.

At approximately 3:10 p.m., Police Lieutenant Colonel Minchat Worarauphong, Deputy Inspector of the Prawet Police Station, received a distress call reporting a man’s attempt to jump off an overpass near a department store. Acting swiftly, law enforcement officials and volunteers from the area rushed to the scene to assess the situation.

Upon arriving at the location, authorities discovered an unidentified male, estimated to be between 30 and 40 years old, lying motionless on the road. The man, wearing a white t-shirt and black trousers, suffered injuries to his arms and legs.

Sadly, he did not possess any identification or personal documents, making it difficult to establish his identity. The severity of his injuries suggested a significant fall from the overpass, compounded by the subsequent collision with a white Isuzu D-Max pickup truck, bearing license plate number 3-TT-3154, registered in Bangkok.

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The driver of the pickup truck, identified as Mr. Nattapong Pokpong, 32, provided his account of the incident. According to his testimony, while traveling along Srinakarin Road in the rightmost lane, he approached the bridge that spanned the intersection in front of the department store. Suddenly, the man leaped from the overpass, leaving Mr. Pokpong with little time to react. The pickup truck collided with the man, causing significant damage to the vehicle’s front. In a state of shock, Mr. Pokpong promptly applied the brakes in an attempt to avoid further harm. Aware of the front-facing camera recording the incident, he acted swiftly to prevent the collision from being captured on film.

Investigation proceedings are currently underway, with authorities awaiting the injured man’s recovery to conduct a thorough interrogation regarding his motives for jumping from the overpass. Further legal action will be determined based on the information gathered during the investigation.


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