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Senseless Murder Of A Woman At The Hands Of Hitmen In The Center of Bucaramanga!

Blanca Flor Galeano, 46, was the fatal victim of a hit man in the Quebradaseca sector, along Carrera 30, in downtown Bucaramanga. Two people on a motorcycle shot her indiscriminately and finished her off with more shots when she was already on the ground.

The video circulating on social networks is shocking, one of the hitmen shoots several times until the bullets run out, and despite having wounded her with a weapon in different parts of her body, he pulls out a second pistol to finish off her with several shots

Immediately, the hitmen flee the scene, and the other motorcycle taxi driver, who was transporting the victim, runs to rescue his motorcycle and leaves the area of the homicide.

Apparently, this act of contract killing is due to a settling of scores , since Blanca would be a drug dealer in the San Martín y Girón neighborhood

In addition, the authorities revealed that the murdered woman is a couple of alias Cocacolo, identified as Edwin Rincón Pico, who was one of the most wanted by the Bucaramanga Police and was captured in August of last year.

Cocacolo had a record for homicide, aggravated robbery and illegal possession of weapons, among other crimes.

“The fact would have occurred in retaliation with the GDCO los del Sur, in the face of the homicides carried out by Edwin Rincón Pico alias “Cocacolo”, in the year 2022, who is in prison,” a source told EL TIEMPO


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