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Scientists to Resurrect Tasmanian Tiger in Australia & Last Known Footage

Scientists hope to Restore the Tasmanian Tiger to the Bushlands in Australia!
Image taken from the video below of the last known footage of a living Tasmanian Tiger!
Image taken from the video below of the last known footage of a living Tasmanian Tiger!

Scientists want to resurrect the Tasmanian tiger, almost 100 years after the striped carnivorous marsupial officially went extinct. The extinct tiger, known as a thylacine, used to roam the Australian bush.

The ambitious project will harness advances in genetics, ancient DNA retrieval and artificial reproduction to bring back the animal.

Andrew Pask, the lead scientist on the project told CNN,

“We would strongly advocate that first and foremost we need to protect our biodiversity from further extinctions, but unfortunately we are not seeing a slowing down in species loss, this technology offers a chance to correct this and could be applied in exceptional circumstances where cornerstone species have been lost.”

The controversial project is a collaboration with Colossal Biosciences, who are working on a $15 million project to bring back the woolly mammoth in an altered form.

Wooly mammoth

“Our ultimate goal with this technology is to restore these species to the wild, where they played absolutely essential roles in the ecosystem. So our ultimate hope is that you would be seeing them in the Tasmanian bushland again one day,” he said.

The video below is the last known footage of a Living Tasmanian Tiger.



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