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New York City MTA worker slapped the phone out of a trans bus driver

A video captured the moment an New York City MTA worker slapped the phone out of a trans bus driver’s hand for recording her in the women’s locker room after telling her to use the men’s instead.

Nana Mangual, who identifies as female but was born biologically male, videoed the alleged assault as she addressed fellow driver, Sonia Rivera, who had been shouting at her through the door of a bathroom stall while on shift at a Bronx bus depot.

Mangual claimed Rivera berated her for listening to music in the shower before telling her she was in the wrong changing room. Mangual then filmed Rivera – who appeared to be adjusting her pants in the mirror before she realized she was on camera – slapping the phone from Mangual’s hand.

A hate crime charge has since been filed against Rivera. She was arrested shortly after the incident, which occurred in April at the Eastchester Bus Depot.


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Written by Raov

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