(New Video) CCTV: Hitman Executes Young Woman Exiting Store With Her Bay in Cúcuta!

The wave of violence continues unabated in Cúcuta, as yet another murder has shocked the community. On June 28, at approximately 6:10 pm, 26-year-old Alejandra Paredes Pérez was brutally killed in the Playa Hermosa area, near Del Río Avenue.

Disturbing footage from various security cameras captured the tragic incident. According to the recordings, a hired assassin patiently awaited Alejandra’s departure from a supermarket, where she had been shopping with her one-year-old son. The assailant then unleashed a barrage of bullets, mercilessly targeting the young woman.

The sole objective of the gunman was to ensure Alejandra’s demise. The chilling video evidence shows that even after she fell to the ground, the assailant callously fired three more shots into her head, sealing her fate.

Alejandra Paredes resided in a building just across from where the heinous crime took place, which made her a familiar face within the community. The local residents were deeply shaken by the ruthless act.

Colonel Carlos García, acting commander of the Cúcuta Metropolitan Police, revealed that during the escape, both the hitman and an accomplice encountered an accident, losing control of the motorcycle they were using as a getaway vehicle.

The recorded videos of the incident will play a crucial role in the ongoing investigation. The footage provides a clear view of the assailant, aiding law enforcement in their efforts to identify and apprehend those responsible for this heinous act.

Authorities are thoroughly analyzing the videos to gather as much information as possible and bring the perpetrators to justice. The shocking nature of this crime has left the community outraged and demanding swift action to address the escalating violence in Cúcuta.

“The criminals also tried to get rid of the gun they used, but investigators managed to find it and it will now be subjected to ballistic studies to help us establish if it has been used in other homicides ,”

the officer said

Law enforcement agencies and local authorities are determined to ensure the safety of the residents and restore peace in the city. Any individuals with knowledge related to the incident are encouraged to come forward and assist the investigation.

The tragic loss of Alejandra Paredes Pérez serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for measures to combat the rising levels of violence in the region. The community mourns her untimely death and hopes for justice to be served swiftly.


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