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Florida: Mother of three Shot & Killed By Her Friend While Riding in an Uber

A pregnant Florida woman charged with fatally shooting a mother of three in an Uber last year is arguing to be let out of jail because her unborn child hasn’t committed a crime.

In an unusual legal argument, attorneys for Natalia Harrell, 24, filed a motion on behalf of her fetus, asserting that it shouldn’t be behind bars without being charged with an offense.

“The State has placed the unborn child in such inherently dangerous environment by placing the unborn child in close proximity to violent criminal offenders,” the filing asserts.

Harrell’s child, it argues, is receiving inadequate pre-natal care and is unlawfully being locked up.

The case contends that the fetus should be released pending trial — which would necessarily get Harrell, who is facing a second-degree murder rap, out of jail


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