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below is a short youtube approved Video Description of the crime. for the Gruesome True description, read the article. Or if you’re really brave become an Asylum member to watch the entire video uncensored!

The video, “1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick” was filmed by Luka Magnotta as he murdered, dismembered, raped & cannibalized the body of university student Jun Lin in May of 2012. He captured every second of his despicable acts on camera.

Luka Magnotta’s Torture Rape, Murder, Dismemberment & Cannabilism Of Jun Lin!

Shock & Horror

Shortly after murdering Jun Lin, Luka Magnotta uploaded the sickening video and it immediately took the internet by the storm. Those brave enough to watch it were absolutely horrified by what they were seeing play out before them. For good reason too—to this day, it remains one of the most horrifying shock videos ever uploaded to the internet.

Which is why, it didn’t take long before it was scrubbed and became nearly impossible to find.

Victim Jun Lin, Left - Murderer Luka Magnotta, Right one lunatic one ice pick myanmar
Victim Jun Lin, Left – Murderer Luka Magnotta, Right

A description of the video for those who’d rather not watch it.

The 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick Video is filmed in a dimly lit room. A naked male is seen tied to a bed frame, while his captor, Luka Magnotta, repeatedly stabs him in the abdomen with an ice pick. As horrible as this is going to sound, the ice pick part is the least graphic footage throughout the more than 10 minutes of runtime.

The video cuts and when Magnotta reappears, the victim is seen with his throat slashed as Magnotta proceeds to slowly cut into various parts of his body with a knife.

Later in the video, the Jun Lin is completely decapitated and the Magnotta uses a kitchen knife to cut into and dismember one limb after another until where Jun Lin once lay is a headless & limbless torso. Unfortunately, the evil living within Luka Magnotta wasn’t satisfied, not even close.

Murderer Luka Magnotta one lunatic one ice pick myanmar
Murderer Luka Magnotta

Magnotta begins playing with the severed limbs and even turns himself on by using them to rub his penis. The next thing we see is him flipping the dismembered, decapitated corpse on its stomach and having anal sex with it.

After he completes this gruesome act, using a knife and fork, he slices fatty flesh from victim’s buttocks and eats it before bringing a dog in to also feast on the freshly killed man.

The black and white dog does not resist and bites right into the stump it was offered by Magnotta.

Once the dog is finished, Magnotta sticks a bottle up Lin’s anus and repeatedly penetrates him with it.

We then see Luka Magnotta lying on his bed pantless using Jun Lin’s severed hand to masturbate.

If you decide to watch this video, there’s little doubt, it’ll be one of the sickest things you have ever seen in your life.

Gruesome Reminder

It is a gruesome reminder that things far worse than we can imagine really do take place behind the closed doors of our neighborhoods.

As horrifying as that thought may be, turning our heads and pretending it doesn’t exist would only hide the evil that videos like this pull from the shadows and keep us oblivious to the horrors surrounding us.

It’s for this reason, I believe it’s important that this video, as well as the others on this site, are viewed and understood for what they are, a glimpse into the darkness mankind is capable of, if given the right circumstances.

To be clear, there is nothing about this video that isn’t terrible. It is sickening from start to finish and if I were you, I probably wouldn’t watch it.

The uncensored “One Lunatic One Ice Pick” video is for Asylum Members only. Become a member and watch it right now! Click here to join!

For Luka Magnotta’s 1 boy 2 Kittens video click here

one lunatic one ice pick myanmar

one lunatic one ice pick myanmar


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