VIDEO – Live Streamers Paint Swastikas on a Hotel, Then Shocked They Were Arrested!

A group of individuals engaged in a highly disturbing incident when their drunken antics led them to deface a hotel with swastikas. What started as a reckless prank quickly turned into a serious matter when one of the participants was arrested following a tip-off from a concerned friend.

The incident unfolded during a live streaming session, where the individuals involved thought it would be amusing to paint swastikas on the exterior of a hotel. Fuelled by alcohol, their judgment became severely impaired, and they failed to recognize the gravity and offensiveness of their actions.

Unfortunately for one of the participants, a friend who witnessed the act on the livestream grew concerned about the implications and promptly reported the incident to the authorities. The swift action taken by this concerned individual ultimately led to the arrest of one of the individuals involved in the defacement.


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