Kansas City Cop Kneels on Customer’s Neck Over Lack of Receipt For $5 Frozen Pizza!

A police officer in Kansas City could be seen on video kneeling on a Walmart customer’s neck after accusing the man of stealing a $5 frozen pizza, a report said. Dayton Borisouth, 24, told KCTV that he had just purchased the pizza at the self-checkout on June 1 and was walking out of the store when the officer asked for his receipt.

He initially refused, because he didnt think the action was legally required. Borisouth had not planned to go to Walmart that day but had driven there to help his uncle jumpstart his car after getting off work.

He decided to run in and grab a pizza for dinner later that night and didnt even bother to put it in a bag. Borisouth said he was detained in a police car for an hour. He was released an hour later after police determined the receipt was valid, but was issued a summons for refusing to comply. Afterward, he said he went back to the store to exchange his now-thawed pizza for a frozen one


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