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Nonstop Fear-Mongering About Artificial Intelligence! Is It An Elaborate Government Psyop?

The nonstop rhetoric from mainstream media (MSM) and so-called “experts” regarding artificial intelligence (AI) is reaching a fever pitch.

We are all aware that the MSM has a long history of promoting psychological operations (psy-ops) to manipulate the general public. Whenever the MSM, the government, or “experts” intensely emphasize a narrative, it often suggests a hidden agenda.

Considering the recent influx of articles in which “experts” predict a future where AI becomes self-aware and poses a threat to humanity, I can’t help but question if this is another psy-op designed to instill fear.

From the article last selfie AI program predicts what ‘last’ selfies on Earth will look like
From the NY Post article AI program predicts what ‘last’ selfies on Earth will look like

Example of blatant fear mongering by Time:

At some point, experts fear, they could become capable of manipulating the world around them, using social engineering on humans to do their bidding for them, and preventing themselves from being switched off.

Here’s another one from Scientific America:

Why are we all so concerned? In short: AI development is going way too fast……With this coming “AI explosion,” we will probably have just one chance to get this right.

If we get it wrong, we may not live to tell the tale

So, why would they want you to be afraid?

In addition to the government fostering fear as a means of exerting control over citizens, concerns surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) serve as a convenient justification for initiatives like Veridos that involve individuals providing their DNA for verification purposes.

Veridos is delivering a whole new level of security identification with VeriDNA® – an innovative identification solution based on human DNA.

Such fear can be exploited to gain more control and be kept as a contingency plan for orchestrating an AI “uprising” to further tighten their grip, impose regulations, and cause hardship for humans.


To be honest, I’m not worried about the artificial intelligence that is publicly known. It is the secret AI projects undertaken by the government that scare me. It is worth noting that the technology available to the public is believed to be significantly lagging, with an estimated 50-year gap compared to the advancements kept under wraps by the government.

Remember, be afraid and no matter what, trust the experts!


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