“I WAS FIXING MY COOCHIE LIPS, DUDE!” Cops Find Drug Contraband In Her Pants!

Trooper Christopher Wademan, serving with Florida Highway Patrol Troop D, apprehended Rebecca Kozub on charges of possessing a controlled substance, along with allegations of evidence tampering and transporting drug paraphernalia.

Kozub was a passenger in a white two-door vehicle that had been pulled over for speeding. Despite having several opportunities to safely pull over after Trooper Wademan activated his emergency equipment, the vehicle continued to drive for approximately 1-2 miles before finally coming to a stop.

According to Trooper Wademan’s account, he noticed significant movement from the passenger through the vehicle’s back windshield while driving behind them.

Upon the vehicle coming to a stop, Trooper Wademan approached the passenger side, requested the driver’s license and vehicle information, and explained the reason for the traffic stop. During this time, the driver expressed concern about receiving a ticket.

The driver, identified as Mr. Gregory Palemo, was positively identified through his Florida driver’s license, while the passenger, identified as Ms. Rebecca Kozub, confirmed her identity by providing her name and date of birth.

Trooper Wademan observed multiple sores on Kozub’s legs and face, which he attributed to the behavior of individuals using narcotics, who often pick at their skin and develop such sores. Additionally, both occupants of the vehicle exhibited consistent movement and restlessness, which is commonly associated with narcotics use.

Trooper Pubillones subsequently deployed K9 Rico to conduct an exterior air sniff of the vehicle. After K9 Rico alerted to the presence of narcotics inside the vehicle, Mr. Palemo, Ms. Kozub, and Trooper Wademan were informed of the dog’s findings.

Both occupants were then placed in the rear of Trooper Wademan’s patrol vehicle while a probable cause search was conducted. However, no contraband items were discovered during the search.

Eventually, the contraband was found on Ms. Kozub. Inside her pants, a purple case containing four capped needles, a clear plastic bag containing two metal spoons and two additional needles, a clear glass pipe, and 13.12 grams of methamphetamine were discovered. Mr. Palermo was released with a warning for the speeding violation.

On December 7, 2020, a Notice of No Information was filed, indicating the decision to decline prosecution in Ms. Kozub’s case.


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