Huge Blow to the Global Climate Agenda: Sweden Abandons All Green Energy Targets

Sweden has recently made a significant policy shift by abandoning its green energy targets, dealing a blow to the global climate agenda. The country’s Finance Minister, Elisabeth Svantesson, cited the need for a stable energy system as the reason behind this decision.

Svantesson expressed concerns about the instability of wind and solar power, stating that they are unable to meet the nation’s energy requirements effectively. As a result, Sweden is returning its focus to nuclear power and has discarded its previous goal of achieving a “100% renewable energy” supply.

This move is seen as a setback for what is perceived as unreliable and inefficient technologies. The push towards renewable energy is driven by various influential entities such as the World Economic Forum (WEF), the United Nations, the World Health Organization (WHO), the Paris Climate Agreement, the World Bank, and the Biden administration.

The Swedish government’s decision underscores the importance it places on having a stable energy system and believes that nuclear power can fulfill the country’s need for clean and reliable electricity.

Environmental campaign group Net Zero Watch has applauded Sweden’s new policy, seeing it as a step in the right direction. They argue that this decision acknowledges the limitations of wind and solar power and reflects a broader loss of confidence in the renewable energy agenda, particularly in Nordic countries and Germany.

Sweden’s new direction recognizes nuclear power as a crucial component of its transition to a “100% fossil-free” energy future. By relying on nuclear, hydro, and biomass, Sweden aims to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels. Svantesson also issued a warning to other Western nations, cautioning against blindly pursuing the energy requirements dictated by the WEF’s green agenda. She suggested that, in substantial industrialized economies, a transition from fossil fuels to nuclear energy is the only viable option to maintain industrial competitiveness.

Critics of carbon dioxide emission reductions argue that the potential harms of the gas are uncertain and exaggerated, while the benefits are overlooked. Dr. John Constable, Energy Director of Net Zero Watch, emphasized the need for a secure and physically sound energy source like nuclear power, particularly considering Sweden’s proximity to Russia. He expressed the view that other governments are still caught up in a fantasy when it comes to achieving the goals of the green agenda, while the era of such aspirations may be drawing to a close.


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