House Report: CISA Working With Social Media Platforms To Censor American Citizens

Report Reveals Disturbing Collusion Between Government Agency and Big Tech in Censoring Americans

The House Judiciary Committee released a report on how the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)..

“colluded with Big Tech and ‘disinformation’ partners to censor Americans,”

A recently released report by the House Judiciary Committee has shed light on a concerning collaboration between the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and major social media platforms, resulting in the censorship of American citizens. The report, spanning 36 pages, highlights three critical issues: the violation of the First Amendment, the prioritization of political narratives over truth, and the unchecked power of an unaccountable bureaucracy.

According to the House Report, CISA, a branch of the Department of Homeland Security, worked hand in hand with social media giants to censor posts deemed as disinformation, misinformation, or malinformation. Brian Scully, the head of CISA’s censorship team, admitted that this collaboration, referred to as “switchboarding,” would trigger content moderation.

In addition, CISA allocated funds to the nonprofit organization EI-ISAC in 2020 to enhance its censorship operations. EI-ISAC was tasked with reporting and monitoring misinformation across various channels and platforms. The government proudly boasted about leveraging its relationship with social media organizations to ensure priority treatment of misinformation reports.

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Working With Social Media Platforms To Censor American Citizens

These revelations directly contradict the sworn testimony of CISA Director Jen Easterly, who previously claimed that the agency does not engage in censorship or flag content for social media organizations. The reality, however, exposes the institutionalized practice of suppressing unapproved information through collusive public-private partnerships.

Numerous instances further highlight this disturbing trend of censorship. Prominent journalist Alex Berenson obtained thousands of Twitter communications, revealing concrete evidence of government actors, including White House Covid Advisor Andy Slavitt, conspiring to censor his criticisms of President Biden’s Covid policies. White House Director of Digital Strategy Rob Flaherty privately lobbied social media groups to remove a video linking Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine to blood clots. Facebook collaborated with the CDC to censor posts related to the Covid “lab-leak” hypothesis, and later met with the Department of Health and Human Services to de-platform a group known as the “disinformation dozen,” which included Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Working With Social Media Platforms To Censor American Citizens
From page 2 of the report.

These examples are not isolated incidents but rather part of a systematic collaboration aimed at curbing Americans’ First Amendment rights. Journalists Michael Shellenberger and Matt Taibbi have extensively exposed what they call the “Censorship Industrial Complex,” a powerful alliance between government agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and private corporations that work together to silence dissent.

The Supreme Court has unequivocally stated that the government cannot employ private individuals to achieve what it is constitutionally forbidden to do. Nevertheless, CISA has become part of the troubling trend of public-private partnerships that impede Americans’ access to information and freedom of speech.

The House Report also highlights how these censorship programs were not driven by a pursuit of truth but rather by a calculated effort to suppress inconvenient yet factual narratives. CISA’s censorship encompassed “malinformation,” defined as truthful information that the government deemed potentially misleading. Journalist Lee Fang noted that this campaign exemplified the federal government’s broad authority to shape political content available to the public while limiting scrutiny in speech regulation.

This system effectively bestows tacit government approval on uncensored information, fostering an environment of pervasive propaganda.

Furthermore, the report reveals how state and local election officials utilized the CISA-funded EI-ISAC to silence criticism and political dissent. Instances like a Loudon County, Virginia government official reporting a tweet featuring an unedited video, solely because it aimed to discredit the official, expose the politically motivated nature of these censorship attempts.

Such actions clearly violate the First Amendment, which does not discriminate based on the veracity of statements. The Supreme Court has affirmed that false statements are an inevitable part of open and vigorous public and private conversations. Yet, CISA, driven by individuals like Dr. Kate Starbird, who appointed themselves as arbiters of truth, collaborated with powerful information companies to suppress dissenting voices.

The House Report’s findings indicate that this censorship campaign was part of a broader political agenda. Reports on Hunter Biden’s laptop, natural immunity, the lab-leak theory, and vaccine side effects were all targeted for censorship by the government. The veracity of these reports was irrelevant; they simply presented inconvenient narratives for the political elite in Washington, who exploited the Orwellian concept of “malinformation” to justify undermining the First Amendment.

Equally concerning is the report’s revelation of the growing power of the administrative state. Federal bureaucrats, shielded by anonymity and lacking accountability, wield increasing influence over the lives of Americans without facing repercussions for their actions. Suzanne Spaulding, a member of CISA’s “Misinformation & Disinformation” subcommittee, even expressed concern that their work would eventually come under scrutiny.

CISA’s significant impact on lockdowns, demonstrated by its role in categorizing the American workforce as “essential” or “nonessential” during the early days of the pandemic, showcases the agency’s unchecked power. Yet, most Americans remain unaware of CISA’s existence and its far-reaching influence over civil liberties.

As the House Report unveils the extent of this collaboration and censorship, it underscores the urgent need for organizations like the Brownstone Institute to sift through the overwhelming volume of information and convey essential facts. The mainstream media’s failure to fulfill its duty in exposing these issues further highlights the importance of independent voices in upholding transparency and accountability.

The fight against censorship and the encroachment on Americans’ First Amendment rights is far from over. The report’s findings serve as a wake-up call, urging citizens to remain vigilant and defend their freedoms. It is only through continued awareness, scrutiny, and collective action that the corrosive influence of the Covid regime’s corruption can be challenged and dismantled.

In a time where the Covid regime’s corruption seems overwhelming, it is crucial for organizations like the Brownstone Institute and engaged citizens to continue to digest and disseminate information that exposes the truth. The House Judiciary Committee’s report has shed light on the collusion between the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), Big Tech, and disinformation partners in censoring Americans and undermining the First Amendment.

The report raises three critical issues: the government’s collaboration with third parties to curtail free speech, the prioritization of political narratives over truthfulness, and the unchecked power of an unaccountable bureaucracy. It reveals how CISA worked with social media platforms to censor content, funded nonprofit organizations to bolster censorship operations, and employed private-public partnerships to suppress information deemed unfavorable. These actions directly contradict previous testimony and highlight the institutionalized nature of censorship within the Covid regime.

Examples of government actors censoring individuals and manipulating information, such as the case of Alex Berenson and the involvement of White House officials and social media platforms in silencing dissent, demonstrate a widespread effort to stifle alternative viewpoints. This systematic suppression of information goes against the principles enshrined in the First Amendment, and it is essential to recognize the erosion of free speech rights in the face of political agendas.

Furthermore, the report exposes the growing power of the administrative state, where unelected officials wield significant influence over Americans’ lives without being held accountable for their actions. CISA’s role in categorizing workers as “essential” or “nonessential” and its subsequent involvement in censorship demonstrate the agency’s unchecked authority and its impact on civil liberties.

The House Report serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need to safeguard the principles of free speech, transparency, and accountability. It is incumbent upon citizens to stay informed, question official narratives, and support independent voices that challenge the status quo. By remaining vigilant and advocating for the preservation of our constitutional rights, we can confront the corruption within the Covid regime and work towards a more open and just society.

The battle against censorship and the infringement on First Amendment rights continues, and it requires collective efforts to hold those in power accountable. As the Brownstone Institute and others work tirelessly to expose the truth, it is crucial for individuals to remain engaged, demand transparency, and fight for the fundamental principles that underpin a free and democratic society. Only through sustained vigilance and a commitment to truth can we dismantle the oppressive forces that seek to silence dissent and undermine our constitutional rights.


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