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A Hitmans Stray Bullet Hits 59-year-old Wilfredo Ubillus Falla in The Head As He Eats

Tragedy struck at the conclusion of a San Juan party around 03:00, as Wilfredo Ubillus Falla (59), a devoted father of six children and an exemplary worker, lost his life to a stray bullet fired by an individual consumed by a deranged obsession.

Authorities from the Talara police station and local security personnel swiftly arrived at the scene to initiate the necessary procedures.

The crime unfolded on Saturday evening at approximately 08:00 inside the “La Janina” Bar, situated in the Jorge Chávez settlement in the southern region of Talara. WAVV (28), bursting in with alarming aggression and uttering incomprehensible words, unleashed a series of gunshots towards the stage where a musical group was performing.

One of the bullets tragically struck Wilfredo Ubillus Falla (59) in the head, near his right ear, causing him to collapse to the ground with great force.

He was promptly assisted and transported to the Talara Health Center, where attending physicians sadly confirmed his untimely demise.

Driven by the urgency of the situation, the vigilant police officers who were informed of the incident managed to apprehend the assailant as he attempted to flee on a light blue and white motorcycle taxi.

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