The incident occurred while the two employees were on duty at Gate 5 at the back of the factory. The sliding gate, which is a large steel door, fell on the 2 men, killing one employee from being crushed by an iron door in the chest.

The other had a broken leg and a dislocated shoulder. therefore hurried to take him to Chaloem Phrakiat Hospital, Map Ta Phut immediately

Uncensored video is below!

Later, the reporter traveled to investigate the scene. It was found that the door at the scene was the fifth door at the back of the factory. facing the sea It is an iron door about 2.5 meters high and about 5 meters long, all steel. by using steel panels to block instead

From asking the staff of the company at the scene It has revealed that the latest injured employee, broken leg, is still recovering in Chaloem Phrakiat Hospital, Map Ta Phut Symptoms are out of danger As for the deceased, Mr. Chakkrit Chuayrat, 29 years old, the family received the body back to make merit according to the tradition at Wat Huang Hin, Chak Kok Sub-district, Ban Khai District, Rayong Province, while the cause is still under investigation. with the police

Later, the reporter traveled to Huang Hin Temple. Venue of the merit-making ceremony of Mr. Jakkrit Fatalities from falling doors who had just received the body after the autopsy at Rayong Hospital came to the temple amidst the family’s sorrow.

Niyom Chuayrat, 57, said that he was very sorry that his son had to pass away prematurely. which is considered a force majeure caused by an accident It was expected that his son and the injured person would help open the door. Then it was the moment when the door fell on it. Initially, the company took all the responsibility. and take care of healing for the family But would like to leave the company to inspect the equipment well so that no more bad things happen

Initially, the police prepare to call the executives of the company at the scene to investigate. And go to the area to inspect to find out the real cause to prepare for further legal proceedings

Translated from an article Matichon Online


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