Dark History – Using Hypnosis The CIA Split Personalities In Order To Created Programmed Assassin’s

A Look Into How The CIA Split Personalities through Hypnosis to Create Programmed Assassin’s!

Even though the information below may sound far fetched at first, there are no conspiracy theories here. These test and experiments really took place and the techniques learned were used in actual CIA operations throughout the world.

In his book “The Search for the Manchurian Candidate, The CIA & Mind Control”, which you can download in it’s entirety here, John Marks used declassified CIA documents to prove Programmed Assassin’s were created by the CIA and even the techniques they used to do it.

Today, I will be explain how the CIA achieved this remarkable feat. I’ll also describe the CIA’s very first successful experiment into creating a programmed assassin.

splitting Personalities through hypnosis

The CIA, through Project Artichoke, which would later be code named Project MkUltra would take mentally healthy individuals and split their mind through hypnosis.

Hypnotizing the person to create a split personality, loyal to the CIA, who was willing to commit whatever devious task the agency needed done at the time. These tasks could be as mundane as delivering top secret information or as sinister as the assassination of enemy targets. The alternate or split personality could be used for anything the agency preferred the agent to forget afterwards.

The hypnotized individual would be completely unaware their evil personality existed at all. Which meant they couldn’t talk about or admit to the evil deeds they’d committed on behalf of the CIA.


Sirhan Sirhan, the assassin who shot and killed Robert Kennedy was thought to have been a programmed assassin.

PROJECT ARTICHOKE documents prove beyond a doubt, that hypnotic couriers functioned effectively in real-life simulations conducted by the CIA. To accomplish the creation of programmed people, the CIA needed a specific type of person.

The candidate must be among the one in five people who made a good hypnotic subject, and they needed to have a dissociative tendency to separate part of their personality from the main body of his consciousness.

The hope was to take an existing ego state—such as an imaginary childhood playmate—and build it into a separate personality, unknown to the first. The hypnotist would communicate directly with this schizophrenic offshoot and command it to carry out specific deeds about which the main personality would know nothing.

There would be inevitable leakage between the two personalities, particularly in dreams; but if the hypnotists were clever enough, he could build in cover stories and safety valves which would prevent the subject from acting inconsistently.


Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated John F Kennedy under strange circumstances.

The first experiment into creating a programmed assassin involved 2 women, the women were friends and both worked as secretaries. One woman was chosen as the victim, the other as the killer.

The “victim” was put into a deep trance and told to continue sleeping until she was ordered to wake up. The second woman was then hypnotized, the “killer” was told that if she could not wake up her friend, “her rage would be so great that she would not hesitate to kill the sleeping woman.”

An unloaded pistol was left nearby, which the secretary had no way of knowing was unloaded. Even though she had earlier expressed a fear of firearms of any kind, she picked up the gun and attempted to shoot and kill her sleeping friend.

After the “killer” was brought out of her trance, she suffered from amnesia of the event, denying she would ever shoot anyone.

My thoughts

I believe anyone in their right mind understands, if the CIA was able to create hypnotized couriers, which is documented, they have hypnotized assassin’s as well. Of course, they wouldn’t let this information get out, but acknowledging hypnotized couriers existed is enough!

If this topic interests you I recommend downloading the book by John Marks and reading the chapter on hypnosis, it’s eye opening and very worth the read.

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CIA Split Personalities through Hypnosis to Create Programmed Assassin’s


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