Dark History: Kenneth Pinyan: The Man Who Died From Having Anal Sex With a Horse!

Todays Dark History is a depravity laced look into the vulgar and vile final moments of Kenneth Pinyan, a man who became infamous for his involvement in the unconventional and highly taboo practice of zoophilia, beastiality or more specifically, being on the receiving end of anal sex with a horse!

A Man and His Unusually Repulsive Passion:

Kenneth Pinyan

Kenneth Pinyan was an engineer who worked for Boeing and resided in Gig Harbor, Washington. He harbored an disgusting secret. After his death, Pinyan became known for his involvement in zoophilia, a practice that involves sexual relationships with animals. Pinyan’s story brought this taboo subject into the spotlight, sparking heated debates about the boundaries of human behavior and consent.

The Infamous Enumclaw Incident:

Sgt. John Urquhart of the Sheriff’s Office said that “typically”, the men were having sex with a horse on the property of James Michael Tait, a truck driver who lived in a trailer next to the farm, “but on this particular night it is my understanding [that] that horse wasn’t particularly receptive”.

Undeterred and ready for love Pinyan, Tait, and a third unidentified man snuck into the barn of Taits neighbor on the Southeast 444th Street farm that night. Where either Pinyan or the unidentified man recorded Tait being anally penetrated by a stallion known as Big Dick. After finishing, Tait then filmed Pinyan being anally penetrated by the same horse. During this encounter, Pinyan sustained internal injuries including a perforated colon.

The Death of Kenneth Pinyan:

According to his death certificate, on July 2nd of 2005, Kenneth Pinyan died of acute peritonitis, which is inflammation of the inner lining of the abdomen.

His actual cause of death is far more appalling. Kenneth Pinyan, while accompanied by two other men, allowed a full-grown Arabian stallion to penetrate him anally. While on the receiving end of aggressive and ultimately deadly anal intercourse with the “huge” stallion, the horse ripped a hole straight through his colon, and in addition to (what I can only assume) was a massive amount of horse semen, his intestinal contents, including stomach acid, leaked into his abdominal cavity.

Medical Emergency:

A horse penis similar to one that penetrated Kenneth Pinyan’s colon leading to his death!

This is undoubtedly a medical emergency which requires immediate surgical attention. However, Kenneth Pinyan, who, as stated earlier, was with two accomplices who had also engaged in equine bestiality, repeatedly refused medical treatment, knowing his depraved acts would be discovered if he were to seek medical care.

Although, he did finally consent to be taken to the hospital when the agony became intolerable, but by then it was far too late. Upon arrival, one of his “friends” told a nurse that Pinyan was seriously injured in the colon, and then disappeared. Soon after Kenneth Pinyan was found dead on the hospital floor.

Investigation into the death of Kenneth Pinyan:

After Pinyan died, the authorities used his driver’s license to find acquaintances and relatives. One of the men named was James Michael Tait, a truck driver, the other accomplice is still unknown to the public.

Using the contacts, the authorities found the farm where the incident occurred. The police tracked down the rural Enumclaw-area farm, which was known in zoophile chat rooms as a destination for people wanting to have sex with livestock, and seized 100 VHS tapes and DVDs amounting to hundreds of hours of video of men engaging in bestiality. One of the videotapes featured Kenneth Pinyan shortly before he died on July 2.

“It was only after Pinyan died, when law enforcement looked for one way to punish his associates, that the legality of bestiality in Washington State became an issue […] The prosecutor’s office wanted to charge Tait with animal abuse, but the police found no evidence of abused animals on the many videotapes they collected from his home. As there was no law against humanely fucking a horse, the prosecutors could only charge Tait with trespassing.”

Charles Mudede, The Stranger The prosecutor’s office

Ridiculous Conclusion To This Dark History Moment:

The death of Kenneth Pinyan is a ridiculously depraved and idiotic moment in history. Think about the scenario that played out that day. To begin with the 40-acre farm on which this incident took place did not belong to any of them. Which means, three adult men sneaked onto someones farm, once there, the deviant trio all stood naked around stallions, filming each other having sexual intercourse with them in various ways, each patiently waiting their turn. It’s just ridiculous!

To think they were trespassing on someones property for this purpose. This was far from the first time they’d completed this routine. They were filming these sex acts so they could distribute their horse sex movies to friends, acquaintances, and total strangers who communicated via the Internet on underground zoophilia/beastiality websites.

Which means there are many people around the world who do this, and who try their best not to get caught.

In case you were wondering, Kenneth Pinyan’s film alias was “Mr. Hands.”



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