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Dark History – The Death of Nicole (Nikki) Catsouras

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18 year old Nicole (Nikki) Catsouras, Before the accident!

No one would fault Christos Catsouras for taking away his teenage daughters’ car keys after finding out she’d been indulging in copious amounts of cocaine. However, this decision would be one Catsouras would question for the rest of his life.

The Rebellious Teen

18-year-old Nicole Catsouras lost her car keys after an argument with her father over her alleged cocaine use. Her father, Christos Catsouras, would later regret this. Even though it’s a decision any responsible parent would likely make.

Being a typical rebellious teen, and after having her own car keys taken away, Nikki Catsouras made the fateful decision to steal the keys to her father’s brand new, $150k Porsche Carrera, and took it on a high speed joyride, hitting speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour.

The Accident

While traveling at speeds up to twice the legal limit she hit a Honda sedan, sending it spinning off of the highway and nearly killing its occupants.

The Honda Nicole Catsouras hits before careening towards the toll booth.
The Honda Nicole Catsouras hits before careening towards the toll booth.

Striking the Honda caused Catsouras to lose control of her father’s Porsche but for some reason she doesn’t slow down. She left the road at insane speeds and collided head on with a concrete toll booth… you’ll see below, the toll booth was not kind to the body of Nicole Catsouras.

The Aftermath

The collision transformed Nicole Catsouras from this…

Nicole Catsouras
Nicole Catsouras

Into this….

Pieces of Nicole Catsouras were found hundreds of feet from the accident site.
More pieces of Nicole Catsouras being collected and bagged.
This is what remains of Nicole Catsouras.

Although, the following video isn’t the accident that killed Nicole Catsouras, the car in the following video hit a toll booth in a very similar manner. It is a very good representation of what the crash may have looked like.

Not the crash that killed Nicole Catsouras.

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