Dark History – Ryan Hammons Past Life as Marty Martyn, The Most Famous Case of Reincarnation

In Depth Look at the Most Famous Reincarnation Case, Ryan Hammons Past Life as Marty Martyn

The Most Famous Case of Reincarnation Look at the Most Famous Case of Reincarnation, Ryan Hammons Past Life as Marty Martyn
Look at the Most Famous Case of Reincarnation, Ryan Hammons Past Life as Marty Martyn

I’d like to start out by stating, I’m not a true believer of reincarnation. Although, i’m not totally against the idea, I have many doubts as to its authenticity.

As with any idea, I go into the study of reincarnation with an open mind. My hope is, as you read this, you’ll have your mind open to any possibility as well. A closed mind, is a useless mind and none of us desire to be useless.

From this point forward we will drop our preconceived notions and go only where the evidence leads us. After all, having an open mind is the only way to truly learn. With our minds open to all possibilities we will study the theory of reincarnation together.

An In Depth Look at Reincarnation!

Contrary to popular belief, reincarnation is not a religion or article of faith, reincarnation is a theory. For the people who believe in reincarnation, the phenomena it explains are subjective to their own experiences or observations.

In Laymen’s Terms, reincarnation explains the things they have witnessed or experienced in their own lives.

Why do you believe waters wet or think concrete is hard? It is because you’ve experienced it. People believe in reincarnation in the same way and for the same reasons, they’ve experienced something in their lives which forced them to believe reincarnation is real.

Why is Reincarnation Hard for Westerners to Believe?

Same as you, i’ve never had an experience like this, so I have to rely on the accounts of other people to learn about reincarnation. This reliance on the stories of others makes reincarnation hard for us to believe for a number of reasons.

First, we all have a predisposition to disbelieve the words of strangers. Especially if those words don’t fit the reality we’ve been taught in our schools or by our religions.

This is the second and main reason reincarnation is difficult for westerners to believe, it doesn’t fit neatly into the reality we’ve been conditioned to believe.

If it isn’t a solid object or a phenomenon that’s visible with the naked eye, we have been taught to disregard it as fairy tales or lies.

With the exception of anything we’re told by the mainstream media. If a news anchor told us reincarnation was true, 90% of the population would be all over the reincarnation bandwagon instantly. As I’ve shown in the past, they lie and then they lie some more.

As of now, that hasn’t happened, except in bits and pieces through the years. It’s been a slow drip of information which isn’t the way the western world expects their reality to unfold.

Although verifiable facts as evidence for reincarnation are not plentiful, they do exist. I’ll be providing you with a case which is difficult to explain in any other way. Hopefully, after reading this we will understand reincarnation and why many people throughout the world think this is the answer to the question, “what happens when we die?”.

How Do We Prove Reincarnation?

The only way we currently have to learn about reincarnation is through first hand accounts of children who claim to remember a past life.

Investigations into these children include not only the child who reports the memories and the people around that child, but also the family, location, circumstances, and events of the life they remember.

There is also physical evidence in the form of birthmarks or birth defects on the body of some children who recall a previous life. The marks or defects usually match confirmed wounds or other physical anomalies on the body of the claimed prior personality.

How Did I Select Which Case To Discuss?

There are ongoing studies into reincarnation all over the world. With this being the case, I thought it best to read research by leading doctors in the field.

With so many available, I decided to choose one study group to focus on. I have selected the study by the University of Virginia since they’ve spent the last 50 years collecting stories of children who recall living a past life.

The UVA team has gathered more than 2,500 documented cases of children from all over the world, who have detailed memories of former lives.

Of these 2500 cases, one stands out from the others. The case of Ryan Hammons. It is particularly interesting due to the fact many of the events and statements were scientifically documented over time.

The Children in the UVA study

The children in the UVA study typically began talking about their previous lives when they were two or three years old and stopped by the age of six or seven.

According to lead researcher of the University of Virginia study, Dr. Jim Tucker, six to seven years old is the age we all lose memories of our early childhood.

How do they know the children are being honest about a past life?

When Dr. Tucker first learns of a child with memories of a past life, he checks for fraud, deliberate or unconscious, by asking two questions:

  • “Do the parents seem credible?”
  • “Could the child have picked up the memories through TV, overheard conversations, or other ordinary means?”

If he can rule out fraud beyond a shadow of a doubt, he and his team will interview the child and their family to get a detailed account of the previous life.

The most important part of the study comes last. The researchers try to find the deceased person whose life matches the child’s memories. Without a verifiable deceased person, the child’s story is just that, a story.

Finding a Matching Deceased Person!

Of the 2500 cases the team cannot discount as fraud or deception, nearly three-quarters of them are matched with a person from the past, using nothing but the child’s memories as investigative tools.

Memories the child would have no way of knowing unless they really are remembering a past life.

While I find this somewhat hard to believe, I stated at the beginning of this, I would leave my mind open. If the researchers say the children have no way of knowing this information, I am inclined to believe them.

Evidence on the Body of the Child recalling a Past Life

As hard as it is to believe, 20 percent of the kids in the UVA cases have naturally occurring marks or impairments matching the scars and injuries on the person from the past.

Verified Case of A Child Who Remembers a Past Life

Now I’m going to get into the details of Ryan Hammon cases the team at UVA have studied.

I’ll warn you, some of the things below will be hard to believe. Keep in mind, the researchers have documented every detail as factually accurate. There’s no deception taking place here. All of the statements and events listed actually occurred.

World Record Holder for Previous Life Memories

Ryan Hammons, a little older.

Ryan Hammons is an American boy who holds the record for the number of memories of a previous life related before the previous person was identified.

Jim Tucker presented the initial report on the Ryan Hammons case in a book published in 2013. Since the books release, the case of Marty Martyns reincarnation into Ryan Hammons has been studied by numerous researchers, which includes skeptics. Everyone who has studied the case, while adding new details and theories, fully confirmed Jim Tucker’s assessment.

Ryan Hammons Past Life as Marty Martyn

Ryan hammons
Ryan Hammons as a young child.

Ryan Hammons is an American boy born in Muskogee, Oklahoma in 2004. Almost forty years after the death of Marty Martyn. His parents, Cyndi and Kevin, are Protestant Christians. At the time of the study, Cyndi was a deputy county clerk and Kevin was a lieutenant in the Muskogee police department.

Ryan was late speaking due to enlarged adenoids which were removed when he was four years old.

After having his adenoids removed, Ryan immediately started speaking in complete sentences and soon began to recall memories that were later identified with a long dead man named, Marty Martyn. Martyn was a little known Hollywood agent who lived from May 19, 1903 to December 25, 1964.

At the suggestion of a child psychologist and before contacting Dr. Jim Tucker and the team at UVA. Ryan’s mother, Cyndi Hammons, kept a notebook with the statements Ryan made regarding his past life.

The 55 statements below were made before Ryan or his family knew the man from his memories was named Marty Martyn.

The following 55 statements made by Ryan Hammons were confirmed to be Correct

The purpose of our many lives is to further the evolutionary development of our minds and souls.

  • He is the man in the photograph from the movie Night After Night.
  • He lived in Hollywood.
  • He lived somewhere with the word “rock” or “mount” in it; a street address.
  • He was very rich.
  • His house was big.
  • There was a brick wall at the house.
  • There were three boys.
  • He didn’t think the boys were his, but he gave them his name.
  • He had a daughter.
  • He brought coloring books home.
  • He had trouble with his oldest stepdaughter—she wouldn’t listen; she didn’t respect him.
  • He had a large swimming pool.
  • His mother had curly brown hair.
  • He had a younger sister.
  • He bought his daughter a dog when she was about six.
  • She didn’t like the dog.
  • He hated cats.
  • He knew Senator Ives (Five).
  • He used to see Senator Ives in New York (found on a map).
  • He had a green car.
  • He didn’t let anyone else drive the green car.
  • He had many wives.
  • His wife drove a nice black car.
  • He was an agent; he ran an agency.
  • The agency changed people’s names.
  • He tap-danced on the stage.
  • The stage was in New York City.
  • He saw the world on big boats where he danced with pretty ladies.
  • He ate in Chinatown a lot; his favorite restaurant was there.
  • He got “skin burns” in Hollywood.
  • He went to Paris; saw the Eiffel Tower.
  • He took his girlfriends to the ocean.
  • He played the piano; owned one.
  • He had an African American maid.
  • He knew Rita Hayworth—she made “ice drinks” (photo recognition).
  • He knew that Mary lady—you couldn’t get close to talk to her (photo recognition, Marilyn Monroe).
  • Bread was his favorite food.
  • He had a sunglass collection.
  • He was a smoker.
  • He had many girlfriends and affairs—never had problems getting the ladies.
  • He liked to watch surfers on the beach.
  • He owned guns.
  • He didn’t have a TV when he was a little boy; they had radio first.
  • He hated FDR [Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a Democrat].
  • You go to a room with numbers on the door before dying.
  • “I’m not 5; I’m closer to 105 when I was here before” (would have been 106).
  • He died at age sixty-one.

The claim that he’d died when he was 61 is interesting, because Martyn’s death certificate gave his birth date as 1905, which would mean that he was only 59 in 1964. However, subsequent research showed that in fact Martyn was born in 1903, so Ryan was right.

In Cyndi’s notebook, there were some statements that turned out to be incorrect.

The statistics of Ryan’s statements are as follows:

  • 55 or (24%) had proven correct
  • 15 or (6.5%) incorrect or implausible
  • 150 or (69.5%) were unverifiable

The following were among the 15 incorrect statements:

  • His father had died when he was a child (in his last life). Martyn’s father died only six years before Martyn.
  • His wife enjoyed putting their daughter’s hair in pigtails or a ponytail. If he did, it must have been when she was very young, because his daughter did not recall this.
  • He died when his heart exploded. Martyn’s death was unwitnessed, but as the cause of his death was a brain haemorrhage, this seems unlikely.
  • His body was cremated. Martyn’s death certificate states that he was buried

Ryan Speaks of The Afterlife

Ryan Hammond

Ryan also commented on what happened when a person dies. He said there was an ‘awesome’ light one should go towards, but everyone came back in a new body to live again.

When he died, he had gone to a waiting place, rather than to heaven. On another occasion, Ryan told Cyndi that he had seen her from heaven and that he had known her from an earlier life.

He said that he had chosen her for his mother so that he could take care of her in this life. Ryan said he recalled being in Cyndi’s womb and asked why she had wanted him to be a girl.

In fact, Cyndi very much had wanted to have a girl. Ryan added that he had seen her cry for a long time when she learned that she was going to be a boy.

“This doctor guy did a test and told you I was a boy. You got mad and said he was wrong. You just knew that I was going to be a girl. It was Daddy’s birthday, you went to a restaurant afterward to eat and you cried for a very long time.”

Ryan Hammons

Cyndi soon regretted her behaviour on this occasion, which so embarrassed her that she rarely talked about it, but she could not deny that what Ryan had said was true in all respects.

How in the world could this child know the series of events that took place after his mother’s ultrasound? That’s just mind blowing to me! The problem I continue to have is, no matter how hard I try, I can’t get over my bias that, somehow, these people are not being honest. Even though….

It’s Impossible Ryan Made up His Stories about Marty Martyn!

Ryan was studied by so many people that the possibility that the case was a hoax by his parents for publicity or financial gain is impossible.

It is difficult to see how Cyndi could have fed him information or formed his behaviours, even if she’d secretly discovered Martyn’s identity before it became known by researchers, which is highly unlikely.

Most of the information about Marty Martyn now on the internet, wasn’t there when this case was being studied.

Marty martyn
Marty Martyn

My Final Thoughts on Reincarnation

I could sit here and list case after case where a child has remembered the details of a past life and if that’s what you were hoping for, I am sorry. The truth is, I could list a hundred cases, but I don’t feel it proves anything one way or another.

After looking into this more, I’ve come to the conclusion, the only way to truly believe reincarnation is real, is to have a personal experience with it. Such as, having a relative recount memories as a child they couldn’t know.

Anything other than that is blind faith. It comes down to taking the word of others as fact and truth.

After this look into reincarnation, I’m not convinced reincarnation is real. Although, I am open to the possibility of reincarnation being real and as of now, I believe that’s the best I can do.

There’s no doubt the Ryan Hammons case is bizarre and something strange was going on with the child, but does it prove reincarnation? No, this child could be psychic or have some other ability we have yet to understand.

Even though, I desperately want to believe, after we die, we get to come back and try it all again. As of now, my bias is just too strong to fully accept reincarnation as fact.

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