Dark History – Cannibal & Serial Killer Joachim Kroll

Dark History - Cannibal & Serial Killer Joachim Kroll

Joachim Kroll was a German serial killer who terrorized his country between 1955 and 1976. He is one of the most notorious killers in German history, having been convicted of eight murders and suspected of many more. Kroll was known for his heinous acts of violence, cannibalism, and necrophilia.

Kroll was born on April 17, 1933, in Hindenburg, Germany. He was the youngest of eight children and had a difficult childhood. His father was an abusive alcoholic, and Kroll himself was prone to violence from a young age. As a child, he would often torture and kill animals, which is a common trait among serial killers.

Kroll’s first known murder was in 1955 when he killed a four-year-old girl. He strangled her and then sexually assaulted her lifeless body. This would become a common pattern in Kroll’s murders, as he often targeted young children and committed necrophilia with their bodies.

Over the next 21 years, Kroll would go on to commit seven more murders. He would often dismember his victims and keep their body parts in his home. He would cook and eat some of their flesh, earning him the nickname “The Ruhr Hunter.” Kroll was also known for his disturbing habits of drinking the blood of his victims and saving their excrement in jars.

Kroll was finally caught in 1976 when a young girl saw him with the body of his latest victim and alerted the police. When they searched Kroll’s home, they found human remains scattered throughout the house, including in the refrigerator and in cooking pots on the stove.

Kroll was tried and convicted of eight murders and sentenced to life in prison. He died in prison on July 1, 1991, at the age of 58. Despite his heinous crimes, Kroll remains a subject of fascination among true crime enthusiasts, and his case is often cited as an example of the depths of human depravity.

Below is Joachim Kroll reenacting his crimes for police.

Dark History - Cannibal & Serial Killer Joachim Kroll


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