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Crazy Elderly Man Uses Homemade Flamethrower & Harpoon Gun on His Neighbors During Insane Fight

In a shocking incident, an elderly man transformed his neighbor into a human fireball using a flamethrower he had constructed at home. The altercation erupted due to a dispute over allegations that the neighbor had illicitly tapped into an underground electricity source to steal power.

Startling footage captured in Russia reveals the moment the man, attempting to calm down the pensioner, becomes engulfed in flames. Initially assuming the pensioner is holding a fire extinguisher, the younger man approaches him to defuse the situation.

However, to his dismay, he realizes too late that it is actually a makeshift flamethrower, instantly transforming him into a walking inferno and leaving bystanders utterly stunned. Fortunately, an elderly woman standing nearby narrowly avoids a similar fate as the flames are obstructed by an open door, providing her with protection as she documents the confrontation.

As the victim staggers back frantically, attempting to extinguish the blaze, concerned onlookers rush to his aid just as the video concludes.

This chilling incident unfolded in Trudovoye, a village located in the Primorsky Krai region of the Russian Far East, close to Vladivostok.

Remarkably, the video also captures the head of the local community horticulture association, known only as Nina, with an arrow lodged in her neck, the crazed man reportedly fired the arrow from a harpoon gun. Miraculously, the arrow manages to pass through her neck without causing fatal damage.

As Nina stands there in a state of utter shock, the man who was previously set ablaze appears severely injured, with burnt skin flaking off his body.

Local media sources reported that the pensioner discharged the harpoon gun at Nina while she momentarily averted her gaze.

According to a witness interviewed by local media, “In the midst of the chaos, the assailant approached the president of the horticultural association from behind and took aim at her back with the harpoon gun.”

After the incident, bystanders reportedly apprehended the pensioner, who had been knocked to the ground when attempting to retreat into his home, before handing him over to the police.

Paramedics promptly transported both victims to the hospital via ambulance.


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