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Cop Shoots His Friend In The Neck, Claims Accident But CCTV Claims Otherwise

In Caaguazú, Paraguay, an incident occurred involving a group of five to six men who were gathered on the sidewalk, enjoying some drinks together.

During the gathering, one of the individuals, who happened to be an off-duty police officer, stood up and went to his car. From his vehicle, he retrieved a weapon and proceeded to fire it from a distance towards his friend, identified as Juan Denis (24), resulting in a gunshot wound to the neck.

Assistant Petty Officer Marcos Aguilera (22), who was off duty and wearing civilian clothes at the time, claimed that he only intended to display the weapon and that the shooting was accidental. However, his account contradicts the evidence captured in the images.

Law enforcement arrested the officer, and the injured man is currently in the hospital in serious but stable condition.


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