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Tourist Breaks Leg When Swing Ride flies into a steel frame in Ningbo, China.

A tourist on a swing ride attraction at Huoshanfeng Scenic Spot in eastern China flew into a steel frame after a safety rope gives way.

The video filmed in the city of Ningbo in Zhejiang Province on January 26 shows the rope on the swing suddenly giving way and the man in the swing chair crashing into the frame’s steel pipe at speed with a terrifying crash on his way down. Later he crashes into the frame again on his way back up.

A woman is heard saying: “Why does the rope look so dangerous? Has the rope broken?”

The man’s leg was reportedly broken and he has had surgery but is in a stable condition.

The person in charge of Huoshanfeng Scenic Spot went to visit the injured man and is reportedly in negotiations with the family over what is thought to be a settlement.


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