Chaos Unleashed at Oregon City Pride Night: Proud Boys Accidentally Fight FBI in Neo-Nazi Disguise

In an unexpected turn of events, Oregon City Pride Night took an uproarious twist this Saturday, leaving attendees gasping for breath from laughter. The delightful affair boasted an array of vendors, foot-tapping music, and an extra dose of entertainment with the highly anticipated drag story time.

However, the spotlight-stealing performers were none other than the notorious Proud Boys, who inadvertently found themselves in a scuffle with none other than the FBI disguised as neo-Nazis. Talk about a plot twist!

Eyewitness reports reveal that the local Proud Boys, as predictable as ever, mustered their courage to protest the event, believing it to be a righteous cause. Yet, fate had a whimsical sense of humor in store for them. As the confrontation unfolded, the Proud Boys found themselves engaging in a fierce battle with what they believed to be “counter-protesters.” Little did they know that their opponents were actually undercover agents from the FBI, masquerading as members of the Rose City Nationalists—a pint-sized group of white supremacists scattered across the Portland Metro area.

Amusing footage, which quickly found its way onto the realm of Reddit, captured the unforgettable moment. A horde of Proud Boys, brimming with confidence, boldly confronted the seemingly intimidating RCN, ordering them to vacate the vicinity.

“Get the f*** out of here!” echoed the expletive-laden cry, as the RCN members, clad in their sleek all-black attire, stumbled backward in the face of the advancing Proud Boys. The hilarious scene unfolded like a slapstick comedy, with the unsuspecting Proud Boys inching closer to the FBI agents, oblivious to the fact that their punchline was about to deliver a knock-out blow.

As onlookers reveled in the unexpected spectacle, the air became thick with laughter, mingling with the faint sound of scuffling feet. Bystanders struggled to contain their mirth as the Proud Boys unwittingly lent their brawn to the FBI’s grand ruse, much to everyone’s amusement.

While Pride Night had always promised a jubilant celebration, nobody could have predicted that it would also double as a stage for a comedy of errors. The universe seems to have a flair for irony, casting a mischievous grin upon this eccentric turn of events.


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