CCTV Shows Moment a Gas Station Attendant Was Struck By a Runaway Vehicle in Trindade

A gas station attendant died after being hit by a car on Thursday morning (25). Images from security cameras at the establishment show when the employee, identified as Antônio, was sitting in a chair and even ran before being hit in the back. The accident occurred on Avenida Raimundo de Aquino, in Vila Pai Eterno, in Trindade (Metropolitan Region of Goiânia).

Before reaching Antônio, the red vehicle ‘drifts’ the stop sign at the roundabout and crashes into an official car from the Trindade City Hall. The driver loses control and seems to be speeding towards the gas station where the victim worked. According to the Fire Department, the gas station attendant was taken to the Trindade State Hospital (Eutrin) with polytrauma and cardiorespiratory arrest, but he could not resist and died in the unit.

As found by G5 News with people who saw the accident, the driver driving the red car may have confused the pedals after the first crash and therefore was unable to brake to avoid the impact. There were three other people in the car, but no one was seriously injured. The driver remained at the scene during the incident.

In a statement, Trindade City Hall reported that “the driver who was involved in the accident is fine, has no injuries and is working. Raimundo de Aquino Avenue and, when making the kneecap, he was hit by the driver of the other vehicle. According to SMT agents, he did not break any traffic rules”, says the text.


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