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VIDEO: Bear Cub Sinks its Teeth Into a Girls Face Because She Smelled Like Fish

In a shocking video shows the agonizing moment a young brown bear cub bites the chin in a “death grip” on a young woman who had just eaten a salmon salad.

The wild animal was with its owner, who was using it as a real prop to trick passers-by into paying for photos, when the woman in the video, Madina, sat down for a photo.

The hungry cub scrambled over to her with seemingly endearing curiosity, while Madina smiled and greeted his sniffing licks at a main park in the Russian city of Grozny.

But the bear cub could “smell the salmon salad” it had just eaten, and in a moment of unexpected ferocity it lunged forward and sank his teeth into her chin.

“The poor animal was hungry,” she said afterwards. “The little bear climbed up to me crying.

“As he approached my face, I wanted to remove him, but his hunger reflex kicked in and he clenched his teeth on my chin.

‘They couldn’t take him away from me.’

Madina’s sister, who was filming, immediately put the camera down to help remove the bear’s jaws from her chin

The camera captured the moment of the vicious bite.

“You have a death grip,” she said. “The owner herself could not do anything. My sister and I tore it off.

“There was a lot of blood where he bit me. They thought at first he had taken a bite of my meat.”

Park visitors rushed to help Madina while she waited for an ambulance. “They reacted so quickly,” she said.

Madina received injections for rabies and tetanus but suffered no permanent damage.

After leaving the hospital, she filed a complaint with the police. The video – filmed by her sister – is now the decisive evidence.

“The animal’s owner blamed me and said I provoked the bear, but the video shows that wasn’t the case,” she said.

“The bear also bit a policeman’s hand. He was also given an injection. The little bear was hungry.

“He was fed infant formula. But feeding such animals with food for children is wrong.

“They should have other food, but it’s expensive and the owner wants to make money off the bear.

“It was not fed properly and without a muzzle.”

The bear was not placed in the zoo’s care and was taken away from the woman, who said she paid £185 for it.

Madina offered to pay for the bear’s food.

She rejected a request from the owner to withdraw her complaint.

“I am against torturing animals,” she said.


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