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Aftermath Video After Elderly Woman is Savagely Attacked By Two Pitbull Dogs

Aftermath Video After Elderly Woman is Attacked By Two Pitbull Dogs
The woman has been seriously injured by the animals.

An elderly woman was seriously injured after being attacked by two pitbull dogs that were without a muzzle and without a responsible pet keeper in a Pereira neighborhood.

The incident occurred at the El Nogal Residential Club, located at Carrera 31 # 84-20, Avenida Las Américas, in the west of the capital of Risaralda .

In the video after the dog attack, a woman denounces that dog owners “always” take them out without a muzzle and they have attacked other dogs.

“Until they attacked a person, this is the time they have not done anything (…) That was what they were waiting for, for the dogs to attack a person to see what they are going to do; look how the lady turned out” the woman complains.

The lady appears seated, with injuries to her face arms, legs, and complaining of pain. Meanwhile, she sees a man, behind a door, putting a rope in the mouth of one of the two dogs.

However, the complainant clarified that the fault does not lie with the dogs, but with the owners who always take them out without a muzzle and, surely, without a leash.

In the video another woman is heard asking, eagerly, if an ambulance is coming to take the elderly woman to a medical center, and if the lady’s relatives have arrived.


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