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After Girl Fight – Using Car As Deadly Weapon, Accidentally Kills 59 YO Disabled Man


The perpetrator responsible for a hit and run incident in Rockaway, Queens, resulting in the death of a 59-year-old disabled man identified as M.S., is still at large. The driver mistakenly struck the man while intending to target another individual. Prior to the incident, she engaged in a dispute, potentially related to a romantic involvement, both inside and outside a deli store. Witnesses reported that the woman exhibited signs of impairment, possibly indicating intoxication or substance influence.

According to a resident from the neighborhood, the unfortunate individual who lost his life at the intersection of Beach 20th Street and New Haven Avenue was a familiar presence in the area. The man was known for his peaceful demeanor and did not cause any trouble. The resident mentioned that he would often be seen sitting at that spot, enjoying his morning coffee and smoking cigarettes.


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