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Video – Accident at an Amusement Park In Alexandria, Egypt Leaves 6 Injured, including children

Multiple Injuries Reported as Toy Falls at Amusement Park

A renowned amusement park in Alexandria, northern Egypt, was the site of a devastating accident that resulted in injuries to six individuals, including children. In a shocking turn of events, visitors in the Semouha area were caught off guard when one of the amusement park rides designed for individuals above the age of 10 suddenly collapsed, causing injuries of varying degrees, with some being severe. The injured victims were promptly transported to nearby hospitals for urgent medical attention.

Authorities Respond and Secure the Accident Site

The Alexandria security director was swiftly informed about the incident, leading to the immediate dispatch of ambulances and security forces to the scene. To ensure the safety of the area and facilitate investigation procedures, a security cordon was put in place around the location where the toy fell, enabling authorities to efficiently manage the aftermath of the accident.

Investigation and Accountability Measures Initiated

Upon examination of the incident, it was revealed that the mishap occurred while six individuals were riding the roller coaster. Tragically, the seat detached from the load-bearing column, resulting in their fall and subsequent injuries. In response, the security services in Alexandria took decisive action by arresting the responsible director and several of his assistants for further investigation.


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