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7 Workers Killed When Oil Tanker Explodes in Myanmar Shipyard

At least seven Burmese workers died and two injured as an oil tanker exploded at a shipyard on the bank of Mankhlaong river in Samut Sakhon district of Thailand.

The embassy of Myanmar in Bangkok has extended support with Thai Baht 5,000 per victim family. Moreover it is working for legal compensations to the bereaved families in accordance with the workers’ rights.

U Thu Rain Tun, a labour official in the embassy said that efforts are being made for arranging proper burials to the victims. Moreover, they are initiating for due compensation to the families as they all lost their lives in work places.

“Myanmar ambassador U Than Htwe himself has taken personal interest in supporting the victim families with five thousand Baht each. Moreover, the compensation from the company is also taken care of while dealing with the relevant Thai labour offices,” said the official.

Thu Rain Tun also added that the Thai labour ministry would arrange their due financial compensation as soon as possible.

Mentionable is that around 30 shipyard workers were on duty in an oil tanker named ‘Smoosh Sea C22’ in the morning hours of 17 January, when the fire caught the ship as the workers tried to weld the oil carrying pipes.

The sailors on board revealed that all those who died were shipyard workers. The Burmese diplomat Than Htwe assured that he would coordinate with the Thai employers for a proper compensation. He also added that the injured Burmese workers were recovering at a local hospital.


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