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4 Drunk People Live Streaming when they collide with a bus – Multiple Angles

In the last hours, a terrifying video began to circulate on social networks in which you can see the occupants of a car driven by a drunk man in the moment which collided against a collective, which resulted in one of them ending up hospitalized and in a reserved state.

According to different sources the accident occurred last Sunday on the collector of the Panamericana, at its intersection with 197th Street, at the height of the Buenos Aires town of El Talar, in the Tigre district.

It all happened when a chevrolet corsa green, in which they traveled six peoplesome of them security personnel from a well-known dance venue, as it turned out, were driving at high speed and He wanted to cross with the red light.

One of the women who was on board this vehicle filmed the entire sequence with his cell phone, while he laughed and said some phrases with an ironic tone, such as “I have a family that is waiting for me”, until he realized what was about to happen.

So was the Chevrolet Corsa
“It’s in red!” yelled at this person, who also came to record the front of the school bus that was crossing the collector with the traffic light in their favor and that rammed them fully, causing the car to end up destroyed on the asphalt and a few meters ahead.

A few minutes later, ambulances, mobile phones from the local police and members of the fifth police station in El Talar arrived at the scene, who verified that the driver of the first vehicle, identified as Brian Zalazar25 years old, he had 0.68 grams of alcohol in his bloodwhile the man who drove the bus, the breathalyzer test was negative.

Security cameras in the area recorded the crash.

As a result of the impact, one of the young people who was in the Corsa, Maximilian Sosa23, received multiple injuries and was taken to the Pacheco Hospitalwhere he was hospitalized and under reserved status, while his colleagues received a medical discharge.


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