14-Year-Old in New Jersey Commits Suicide After Bullying Incident Shared Online

Adriana, who was a student at Central Regional High School in Berkeley Township, was discovered deceased at her residence two days after a horrifying bullying incident took place on February 1. The incident was captured on video, which was subsequently shared online.

Tragically, a 14-year-old high school student from New Jersey took her own life following a distressing incident of bullying. The father of Adriana Kuch strongly believes that the prolonged harassment she endured played a significant role in her decision to commit suicide.

The disturbing footage (BELOW) depicted a group of girls attacking Adriana as she walked with her boyfriend in a school hallway. The attackers can be seen hitting her with a water bottle, while one individual is heard shouting offensive remarks in the 20-second clip obtained by Patch, a local news outlet.

The assailants proceeded to physically assault Adriana, punching, kicking, and pulling her hair, all while others in the vicinity laughed and recorded the abhorrent incident, as reported by ABC 7. The impact of this vicious assault and the subsequent online sharing of the video were undoubtedly devastating for Adriana, ultimately leading to the tragic loss of her life.


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