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12 More Unsettling Weird Ass Facts

The last set of Weird and unsettling facts received quite a bit of attention. Mainly because of the addition of a strange dolphin fact about masturbation. This time I decided to do all of the facts as images or graphics. In my opinion it gives the page a better look and feel. It’s possible I’ll do all of the fact list this way in the future.

Well I have added another odd dolphin fact in this list. I’m beginning to think everything we were taught about dolphins being lovable creatures was a lie. They love themselves, at least that much is true. Enjoy these disturbing facts and don’t say I didn’t warn you. There are most definitely some weird ass facts in this list.

Testicles will explode at 22 pounds of pressure

Talk about cracking nuts, ouch!

If you die around your cat, it will begin eating you within 24 hours. It will likely begin with your cheeks and your eyeballs.

I’ll never own another cat for a few reasons, now I have one more.

A cockroach can live for 9 days without a head.

Roaches are tough little bastards until a foot lands on them

Eskimo mothers suck the snot out of their baby's nose with their mouth

I guess, they have to get it somehow.

20% of coffee mugs contain fecal matter

I’m thankful I don’t drink coffee.

The average hamburger patty contains meat from 55 different cows

I wonder how they fit 55 cows into one little patty?

On average we breathe in a liter of farts each day

As high as gas is these days, someone should invent a way to bottle it.

3 dolphins comic Sexually frustrated male dolphins have been known to gang rape humans.

Imagine being in the water and these 3 dolphins are staring at you like this.

The koala bear in this picture looks like he’s ready to give somebody something.

The pill that Father Christmas invented to make your farts smell like chocolate

Sold online, the pills retail for $12.50 for a jar with 60 pills

a 70 year old man robbed a bank, then sat down in the lobby & waited for the cops. Claiming he would rather go to jail than live another day with his wife.

Been there before. Well I guess I haven’t really been there before I’ve never been to the point where I wanted to rob a bank to go to jail or go to prison just to get away from somebody

A study proved that only half of your friends are true friends

I’m surprised they found half of the people are true friends.

There you have it 12 More Crazy and Weird Ass Facts. My favorite one out of this list is the pill that’ll make farts smell like chocolate. That’s doesn’t seem like the correct smell, lol. If you’re going to change the smell, change it to roses or something. Oh well, till next time remember, ignorance doesn’t have to be permanent!

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